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Loch of Clunie Preservation Group - Who Are We?

Loch of Clunie is a beautiful, tranquil loch in rural Perthshire. It is steeped in history and is renowned for its island, which used to include a large castle.

Unfortunately, not everyone in Scotland understands how to respect natural beauty, and for many years the lochside has been abused by ill-informed individuals and groups who seem to think the Scottish countryside is there to be trashed. They have come to the loch due to the stunning landscape, yet decline to leave the place as tidy as they found it.

Rather than let the area become a litter hotspot, or suffer damage to trees and wildlife, a group of individuals - some local, some not so local - have grouped together to try to safeguard the area. The primary goal of the group is to educate, and to try to encourage people to respect the loch and surroundings, but where this fails, they will try to clear up litter - and worse. The key to solving this challenge is education.